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Monday, 21 January 2019

What Does MS Feel Like?

A question that I get asked religiously over on my Instagram is "What does MS feel like?" or "What kind of pain is it?" and I guess I'd probably want to know that too if I had never had it. Sometime's its really hard to describe and put it into a few words when replying back to a DM. So I've tried my best to write down all of my thoughts and my own personal experience of MS, the pain and how it's affected me.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019


The New Year for me is about a fresh start and giving myself a second chance to start over and probably repeat the same mistakes I made in the previous year. Saying goodbye to the shitty friends and fuck boys of 2018 and welcoming opportunities with open arms. That doesn't mean that January isn't a pile of shite though and it's nothing to do with the fact it's still winter, it's dark and it's rainy. Christmas is over, all the decorations, glitter and tinsel have been put away for another year, January has arrived and in my opinion, it is the worst month, ever. Everyone has gone back to work, people are either moody, broke.. or both and that's including me. One half of social media is full of people talking about their New Year's resolutions and the other half is full of people moaning about people talking about their New Year's resolutions.

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