Ive been wanting to write a post on this subject for a long time but i've really been struggling with what to say and how it will come across to you guys, so i'm just going to write what comes to my head and hope for the best.

20 Facts About Me

1. I have a phobia of Tomato Sauce/Ketchup
2. I hate summer and love Autumn/Winter
3. I have had tonsilitis 5 times (I need them removed)
4. I believe in Aliens
5. Favourite food to eat is Oriental/Chinese/Thai 
6. I suffer from anxiety and had my first panic attack in Morocco
7. I have four friends, just four.
8. My sister and mum are legit my soul mates.
9. I believe in Love at first sight.
10. I am working on my confidence, so I try to travel more & i'm constantly trying to step out of my comfort zone.
11. I suck at trying new foods
12. I like being alone 90% of the time. Nights in > Nights out any day.
13. I have a bucket list, I wrote it two years ago & I still tick it off.
14. I have been single for one whole year. 
15. I used to have a fear of dogs but now I am obsessed w/ them.
16. Gorillas are my favourite animals.
17. My main goal in life is to be a mother.
18. I listen to Christmas songs all year round.
19. I grew up around Dometic Violence.
20. I have two stars named after me.
21. I 100% prefer to talk on the phone than to text. I also can't stick to scales which is why ive written 21 facts under a "20 facts about me" post ;) 

Comment below listing 5 facts about yourself, I would love to read them.
Lots of love. xo


My sister Gracie took me to Marrakech for my 20th birthday present. I forgot to take my canon camera so I didn't get many pictures but I had a really good time and I feel extremely lucky to have travelled to both Egypt and Morocco this summer. 

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