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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Ive been wanting to write a post on this subject for a long time but i've really been struggling with what to say and how it will come across to you guys, so i'm just going to write what comes to my head and hope for the best.

 So, I'm 20 as most of you all know and I have been through every single emotion you could ever possibly feel in a lifetime, in just a few years. I've suffered with anxiety since I was 15 and let me tell you, it doesnt get easier but you grow with it which means you learn to deal with it. Something that really triggers me is being out of my comfort zone, I find it hard being around people that I don't know, I hate being in a lot of crowds and I really struggle doing anything that involves me stepping out of my 'I'm comfortable so leave me alone' bubble.

Since going away and exploring both Egypt and Morocco this year, having found a love for both North African Countries, it's really inspired me to go out and discover more places.. more cultures and more people. I experienced my first panic attack in Marrakech (the souks) and at the time I remember feeling so scared, numb and nervous but that feeling went away hours later and I was SO proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and giving it ago, even though it wasnt the best experience, I would still go ahead and do it again.

Since being back from my holidays, Its striked me that we live in this big old world and 90% of us havent seen any of it. I know I'm lucky to even get to travel to places but 5 countries in 20 years for me just isnt enough. Too many people accept living 'normal' lives because of money, being too scared and well.. you know, its the normal thing to do, right? I don't want to be normal, I dont want to live a normal life and work in a 9-5 dead end job forever. I feel like the majority of us are puppets and doing exactly what the government tell us to do. Our yearly income apparently defines the type of people that we are and we work our butts off monthly to only be paid 12 days out of 365. We are literally surrounded by beauty, meaning air, trees, water and monuments and we dont fucking get to see any of it. Some of us are so familiar with our own back garden and the same four walls, that we forget to step out of our 'bubble' and into our own reality.

People believe that work equals life and life equals work and thats the way it goes - like it or lump it. Erm.. fuck that. We're in the 21st century and we have the freedom to be FREE. So be exactly that. Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking "Not everyone has that privilege" and I know that not everybody in this world does but if you do, please act upon it. Close your eyes and jump.
Does anyone else feel like their life has already been planned out for them before they've even started living? (Whether it be by the government or your parent's) and if you dont follow that path, you're frowned upon? Normality says "School, College, Uni, Degree, Job, Marriage, Kids, Death" - aint that the way it goes? urgh. No thank you, not here.

Can you do me a favour tonight please? Stand outside, look at the stars and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and breathe in the clean air that surrounds you and whilst you're doing this, appreciate that you are literally flying through space at that specific moment. We all think that when were stood up were standing on the ground, wrong. We are actually floating in the universe, spinning 'round and round in infinity. I find that so cool and something I forget on a day to day basis.

I dont know if i'm going off topic or just rambling here but just stay with me.

I've made it my little goal to go travelling and to visit at least 6 different countries between now and 2017. I don't mean packing a backpack and flying out to Thailand for 6 months because honestly I don't think my little heart could handle that yet, I would be too anxious. However, I DO plan on visiting a number of countries/cities and documenting everything. Even if I start off small, that is a big enough achievement for me. I cant wait to meet new people, explore and try different foods all of which I am currently quite nervous about doing. I've had such a huge burst of energy recently to go out and live and I just wanted to share it with you all.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I dont want to live in a normal world, in a normal job and not be remembered just because society says so. I want to have an impact on people's lives and I don't want to be stuck in a routine where I'm too afraid to leave because i've got THAT comfortable. Nothing is going to stop me, anxiety cannot stop me.
 If you hate your job, quit. If your partner doesnt appreciate you, leave. If you want that damn burger, eat it.
If you want to travel, book your ticket and go. Life is far too amazing to worry about any set-backs. 

There is a greater world out there bigger than ours so what better time to start living than  right now? 
and my god, what a time to be alive.

Thank you so much for reading. 
Lots of love..

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  1. That's really nice from you and I loved every word of this post BUT the reality is different.

    For example, I'am a foreigner who lives in London, so my family is not here and I have to work to pay my rent and bills and everything else.

    There is no way to have more holidays than the standards one (28 days yearly), no way to leave the job or to spend more money than I earn, no way to relax in my family place while looking for a new job...

    Life is hard and unfortunately we can't do what we want to, even if is just a "small" thing like an holiday...


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