Sunday, 7 February 2016

Blacked Out

Faux Leather Jacket // Misguided
Black Cropped Turtleneck // Misguided
Ripped High Waisted Black Jeans // New Look
Trainers // Adidas 

How cute is my new room? I just love it. This week I haven't been very well, had doctor appointments and I have now got to have blood tests as I could be Anaemic :( Boo. I've been in bed for the last 3 days and its driving me crazy. Happy to be going back to my normal routine as of tomorrow. My grandad is in hospital at the moment, really really poorly as well and everything at the moment just sucks. 

Hope you all have had a lovely week, much better than mine lol. 
And an even better weekend ^__^ 



  1. Is this Gracie's old room? Do you have a before and after pic? It does look really great, btw.

    1. no its not graces old room :) and no sorry! thank you x


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