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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Coconut Oil | Three Hacks To Use

I tweeted not too long ago about how much I LOVE Coconut oil and that I was going to write a post about it. A lot of you seemed to favourite the tweet, so here it is. Coconut Oil is honestly my go to product for almost anything and everything. Not only is it great for the skin, it has a fantastic amount of health benefits that really make a difference. 

Here are three ways in which I incorporate Coconut Oil into my everyday routine:

I have used all types of makeup wipes & the Liz Earle 'hot cloth cleanser' which I love to bits but nothing removes my makeup as fast and as smooth as Organic Coconut. I scoop a small amount into my hand, soften the coconut with my finger tips and then rub all around my face until it turns into an oil. It is honestly SO good at removing makeup, even water proof mascara and it doesn't leave your eyes feeling sore or anything like that. 

Now if you hate the taste of coconut then you probably won't want to try this one out but if you don't mind it, please give it a go. Use a teaspoon to scoop the coconut out the jar and place inside your mouth. The coconut will instantly melt into an oil and you just need to swash it around your mouth/teeth. You can also use your toothbrush to apply the coconut oil if you find that easier. Try and use this technique every day or every other day if you can, I promise you'll see a difference.


I use coconut oil on my hair 4-5 times a week. Sometimes I will just apply it onto my roots and hairline, giving my scalp a little massage to stimulate hair growth and other times I will use it all over my hair and leave it to dry over night. Wash the oil out with your usual shampoo and conditioner and your hair should feel soft and shiny. Coconut oil is good for removing any dirt from the scalp and also helps with dandruff if you're suffering with that. 

Another tip: For silky smooth legs, instead of using shaving cream or soap, use Coconut Oil to help remove the hair. The razor will glide smoothly across your skin with no cuts or bumps and leave them feeling extra silky and moisturised.

Other benefits:

Coconut oil is really good for skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne and other skin conditions. It can also help prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Coconut oil helps strengthen the immune system to prevent illnesses and is very useful for weight loss, especially around the abdominal area. The list is honestly endless - if you haven't got yourself a jar of organic coconut oil, you betta run out and get some ASAP or purchase some here. 

Talk soon,
Charleigh 🖖🏽

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