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For me, personally, I cannot tell you how hard it has been to be on social media recently. Every day there is something new, a new comment from someone using fake pictures, behind a fake username ridiculing someone and trying to humiliate them. It's like one big competition to see who can embarrass someone first and get the most retweets. You're not considered 'cool' if you don't have at least 1000+ likes on your Instagram photos and you don't really have a good life if you're not posting videos of it on Snapchat. People will preach about being a good soul, be yourself and don't listen to others judgement. Yet they are the same people that will judge you for the amount of followers you have, the clothes you wear and the music you like. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with people but a minority use it as a tool to hurt others. 

Everyone feels like they can stick their opinions into situations they know absolutely NOTHING about. For example, let's talk about Kehlani - 20 Year old Hiphop and Rnb artist from Oakland. Recently it became 'big' news that she had apparently cheated on her boyfriend. Nothing has been confirmed that it is true or not but even if it is, why is that any of our business? Who's concern is it other than her own? I saw hundreds and hundreds of tweets absolutely slating her, calling her every single name under the sun. Kehlani then posted on her Instagram that she tried to take her own life, nobody knows why for sure but we're assuming it's from the hate that she's received. The girl is 20 years old, she's still learning and still growing. Obviously I do not agree with cheating but why has the world felt like they needed to make judgement on it?

Chris brown then went on to make this tweet:


I can't believe how insensitive one person can be. I think Chris (and his fans) forgot that he cheated on his Ex Girlfriend and got another girl pregnant.. Oh and that he put his hands on Rihanna. But I guess we should forget about that cause it's 'old news' right? It's a damn shame because Kehlani is probably a fan of Chris's too. My concern is that he's still allowed a record deal despite being charged with felony assault, whilst Kesha is fighting to get out of a contract with her Rapist producer. The world has gone mad.

Anyways, back to what I was saying before - I was speaking to my girl Chelsea, who has been a follower of mine since the beginning, about this whole social media thing and she had a lot to say on the matter and really opened my eyes. 

Here's what she said: 

"When you start sharing your personal life and information with strangers, strangers will feel like they have the right to comment on your life. Social Media has conditioned society to think that oversharing your business is the way to go, But when you give all of yourself to strangers, what piece of yourself are you keeping private? I never understood how people are so comfortable with sharing all of themselves with people who don't NEED to know all of you. If I didn't need Facebook for my Spotify account, I would delete that shit too. I pray for the world, it's clearly going to shit."

I couldn't agree more with what Chels said. We have this thing called freedom of speech but people are using that as a reason to send such nasty, vicious comments to others. However, when you do use that freedom of speech for the greater good, there is always one asshole that critisizes you for it. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death and people take it for an absolute joke with comments like "Just go offline then, it's not that deep." - Why should people have to come offline to not receive abuse for absolutely no reason? How is that okay? Is this really what the online world has come to? Just hate and stupid jokes just for the sake of retweets. Also, what is up with this new trend of having false online personalities? The people that behave a certain way online for validation of others who DO NOT know you. Why has this become such an awful obsession to impress everyone else BUT ourselves? 

I didn't want this post to be just about my opinions and how I feel. I wanted to hear what other people thought about Social Media and how its effected our generation:

Here's what Paloma from Toronto said..

"For one thing, I definitely think that social media consumes the user. Consuming in the sense that the person may end up feeling/thinking as though they need to document EVERY aspect of their lives. It moves past the extent of wanting to vlog or take photos when you're on holiday, to removing the person from just living in the moment. 

Also, this consumption leads to viewers assuming that people's lives are perfect... That because someone has the money or the means to travel or shop, or has a "seemingly" perfect relationship with someone, people forget that what is shared on social media is only a glimpse of their lives and that people only share what they want to.

And this is where I think the emotional/mental component comes in. It ends up being so easy and quick to judge people. Whether its a comment on an IG photo, a tweet, or a facebook post. It becomes this constant cycle of wanting to share PARTS of your life and thoughts on social media whilst also trying not to offend anyone or get backlash for what you post/say.

I mean, I love social media tbh. It keeps me connected with people I care about, I get to share thoughts/ideas/music with people, YouTube is basically my form of television, and I'm guilty of being a likkle foodie on IG (lol). But sometimes to see how people get negatively effected by it (especially anyone famous or put under the spotlight) just goes to show that social media also sets people up to be scrutinized by haters who just forget that behind the screen is a human being."

My biggest criticism, my biggest realisation about our social media world is that we don't live our own lives anymore. We don't love the same, we don't speak the same or even think the same. We live a relatively parallel and non-human life. 

What I mean by this is we care so much about what others think. Our lives are broken down to a collection of likes, comments and appreciation from our friends and fans. That brings us happiness, and happiness is what we all seek to possess, so we continue along the vicious cycle. 

Really what I mean to say is that we don't live life how we really truly want to live it. We live life to satisfy our desire to impress others, we live life to be comparatively better off and better looking and more popular than people we share the social media space with - these people also often happen to be our friends and family.

We see someone doing something better, newer, more unique, interesting or outlandish and we want to copy that, we want to even beat that. Not only this, but we see people more popular and famous than us doing things and assume that that is the correct thing to do or the right way to do things.

I to am guilty of judging others and not thinking about what I say online and how it can effect others. I vow to myself to never make that mistake again and to never let social media take over my life and portray me as an evil person, as evil and corrupt as it may be. I don't want to be apart of it. 

Big thank you to those who helped me write this post.

What do you think about social media? I would love to know.

Charleigh x 


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  1. This post is the epitome of this generation. I honestly think people should spend less time so wrapped around other people's lives and think about what they're doing to better their own lives. Social Media started off as fun, then money got involved among other factors and it can get too much especially for those with bigger accounts. We all need appreciate that people do share a fraction of their lives I love blogging and following other bloggers and more importantly we all need to learn kindness no matter what the situation.

    Thanks for sharing this, it was such a good read :)


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