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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Paris Photo Diary | Day 2

Me and Gracie woke up naturally around 8:30am with the sun peaking through our curtains and the cool breeze blowing through the window. We eventually got up after lazing around in bed and catching up with social media, brushed our teeth, washed and got ready to head out to breakfast. Our hotel wasn't all inclusive, so instead of paying to eat there, we thought we would pay to eat out somewhere. We found this cute restaurant called 'The Pub' - which is very different to what a Pub is to us in the UK haha. Right away we were told we could sit anywhere we like and given two breakfast menus. We found that most of the breakfast menu's in Paris consisted of 1 hot drink, 1 fresh juice, an omelette or eggs and then a side of bread, toast or croissants. I was expecting for more places to have French Toast on the menu and much more variety but never mind, this was nice as well. 
Whilst we were finishing off breakfast, our waitress was actually a subscriber of my sisters and she was freaking out!!! She was honestly one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, so thank you very much to her for being so lovely and welcoming.

After breakfast, we walked along to one of the bus stops where we were waiting for the 'Tour De Paris' which is basically an open top bus that shows you Paris in a day. It's a hop on, hop off type thing, so whenever you see something that you want to visit, you just hop off the bus and once finished, you just wait for another one and then show your ticket to the driver. For a day pass, it was €36 each. 

This was one of my favourite things that I did whilst out in Paris. I got to see everything that I wanted to see including the Notre Dame and take as many pictures as I liked. It was really warm that day so it was nice to just chill on the open roof, see the sights and sunbathe at the same time. 

Once we were finished with the tour, we got off at the Champs Elysees and went into the Disney store (obvs) and it was SO GOOD! Although, does anyone know why Peter Pan isnt really featured much in stores or even the parks? He's my favourite. I always see Tinkerbell but never him.. Hmm. 
We then went to get a drink from Starbucks and came across this little shop that sold Macarons (I can't for the life of me remember the name) but my god, they were phenomenal. I have never had Macarons before this and I didn't know what to expect, but they were like a cookie, cake and meringue all in one! Amazing.
 After having a smooch around the shops, we walked back to our hotel, by this time it was around 5pm so we got ready for dinner. We ate at a Chinese restaurant which was a 5 minute walk away and it was lovely, very expensive but worth it. 

Have you ever been so full that you instantly become so tired? And you would rather fall asleep at the dinner table than roll out of your seat? That was us. So after staying in the restaurant for ages, even after we had paid, we knew it was time that we called it a night and headed back home. 

Ready for Disney in the morning! 

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