My Morning Routine 2016


Alohaaaa! It's me. Here I am writing a post FINALLY about my morning routine. I love these types of posts and they're also my favourite videos to watch on YouTube. Should I do a 'Night Time Routine' too?  

So when I wake up from my beauty sleep (lol) which is around 8-8:30am on the weekends - yup, I never lie in. I will get my phone from the floor, take the charger out and put on one of my playlists on Spotify. I will probably do a post about my favourite songs that I'm listening to eventually so stay tuned for that. I then check all of my social media, which is a really bad habit of mine but I think we're all guilty of it and then i'll scroll through my Instagram feed. Can I also just say that I could probably lay and do this for at least an hour sometimes which is even bloody worse but whatever. 

When I finally decide to rise from my pit, I head to the bathroom, go to the toilet, brush my teeth and all that kinda stuff. I rarely, if ever, do my skincare routine as soon as I wake up. However, I do splash my face with cold water just to waken me up a little. 

Here's my favourite part about the morning and that is.. BREAKFAST. Weekend breakfasts for me are all about good, healthy and filling foods that make my belly happy and leave me feeling satisfied. So I head downstairs and I usually opt for an omelette of some kind with lots of fruit & an ice cold water. Other alternatives are natural yoghurt with fruit and granola, toast or a smoothie/juice. I like to sit and eat my breakfast whilst watching TV, it is usually some sort of reality show (eg: Catfish, Geordie Shore, Made In Chelsea etc). 

Now it's time to wash. I alternate between showers and baths, I love both but I think I love taking a bath just that little bit more. Does anyone else prefer baths in the evening and showers in the morning? 

Now, I don't wash my hair every day, in fact I only wash it twice a week (sometimes less) and that's Sunday's and Wednesday's, the start of the week and mid-week, wooo. Oh yeah, I like to get into the mindset that my weeks start on a Sunday, that way I'm not completely dreading that Monday morning feeling. I won't go into too much detail about my hair as I will have a new hair care routine soon but here are some of the products I use. 

After I've had my shower and hair wash, I can finally begin to get ready. This can usually take between 40 minutes to 2 hours (just keeping it real with ya) because I always get side tracked by me thinking I'm some sort of pop star, singing into a hairbrush. Honestly, sometimes it gets so bad I find myself in a rap battle with drake via Spotify. His lyrics, not mine.. Obvs. Anyways, here are my every day makeup products that I use. 

Nars Foundation / Here
Loreal True Match / Here
Sleek Contour Palette / Here
Bourjois Palette / Here
Maybelline Mascara / Here
Eyeliner / Here
Lipgloss / Here
Mac Highlight / Here
Laura Geller Highlight / Here
Concealer / Here

Once my face is on, I then move on to my hair which I will show you in a future post. Then its time for my outfit. Although I am quite girly, I've always been a tom boy at heart and being comfy is what I aim for. 

And that's it. That's my morning routine complete and im ready to tackle my day. 
Hope you're all having a lovely week. 

Lots of Love, Charleigh x 

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