How I edit my Instagram Photos

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Guys, let me tell you something - I have developed a serious obsession with Instagram lately to the point I've even found myself googling "how to get a good Instagram feed" lol. I have watched many YouTube videos and followed lots of amazing Instagrams for inspiration over the last month or so and I think I've finally cracked it. The editing apps I use are VSCO & Afterlight mostly and here's how: 

Before I do anything, I like to whiten my background using the app "Photo Editor" and I ONLY use the whitening brush on this app, nothing else. I brush that tool over the background of my pictures until everything is all white. Then I go onto 'VSCO CAM' for my main filter. The theme I'm going for on my Insta right now is very cool toned, white with lashes of light pink and blue. Here are the details of the filter that I use: 

- Filter : C6
- Exposure : -1
- Contrast : +1
- Temperature : -1 
- Tint : +2 
- Sharpen : +6 

Then I tend to go onto Afterlight to edit the brightness and saturation of the photo, if I feel the picture needs it. I also use this app to add lense flares and boarders if I want them.

(Click Light Leak on Afterlight for Lense Flares)


If you're quite minimalistic and really into black and white/nude feeds, a great filter to use would be: 

- Filter : HB1 
- Contrast : +3 
- Saturation : -3 
- Skintone : -3 

(This is what it looks like) 

3 Tips for an Instagram Theme

1. Stick to the same filter. Pinterest have really good filter details to create the perfect feed so check that out. 

2. Lighting. Lighting is absolutely key for a good photo, if you don't have soft boxes or a ring light, natural lighting is the best for photographs. 

3. Background. For selfies, I always think a white background looks best. That way, the focus is on you and nothing else. For outfit pictures, a cool backdrop like a wall or a garage door looks really good, simple yet edgy. 

You do not need a good camera for your Instagram pictures, your phone is perfectly fine to use just as long as you use these editing tips and apps. 

Just play around with filters, create your own & have fun in the process.
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