Autumn Essentials

(photo credit:, thank you girl)

Hello poppets. 
So, the happiest time of the year for me is fast approaching and it is now officially Autumn for us this side of the world. Which means the count down to Christmas is ON, with all the festivities in between. 

90's Memories

Hello hello, I thought I would write a throwback post about all the things I loved when I was younger. This post is probably going to be all over the place but I'm just going to write down what I remember and run with it. If you're a nineties baby, I'm hoping you catch the same 'feels' and nostalgia.

Bad Ass Boots

As the evenings get darker and the leaves start to fall off the trees, my soul gets extremely happy and so does my wardrobe. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, purely because of the fashion and festivities. As soon as the 1st of January comes around, I wait all year again to be able to wear my knitwear, leather and black boots. 


No one really needs to tell me that being a woman is nothing short of spectacular, but I thought I would remind you all of why we shine. Here are some of my favourite quotes.  

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