Tuesday, 13 September 2016


1. Periods. 
- I for one, absolutely hate these lil suckers. They cause pain, they are inconvenient, they last for a week and they are just damn right awful. I just wish we could get text messages once a month saying "hey, you're not pregnant" and everything was fine and dandy, but no. The river Nile has to flow between our legs and we apparently have to just 'get on with it'.  

2. Sore boobs.
- Awful, Awful, AWFUL. Our boobs get sore and tender, especially when we are due on. If we knock one of the buggers then it's game over. 

3. Child Birth 
- Now I haven't actually experienced this and I'm sure it's not really one of the 'worst' things to happen to a woman. However, the pain so I've heard, is SOMETHIN' ELSE, something that you men will never have to experience. 

4. Fanny Farts 
- Girls, I know you're with me when I say this is probably one of THE most embarrassing things to happen to us. It's normal, it's fine but we just can't help but cringe every time we're getting it on and our fairy decides to rumble. 

5. Leaking 
- I think we can all admit that once in our lives, (when we've been on our period), we have leaked. Leaked through our knickers, leaked on our bedsheets. It's just happened. Now I bet every time that you're 'on' - you get your friend to walk behind you to check if there are any stains. Yup - been there. 

6. Shaving
- The bane of our lives! We hate shaving, we hate shaving our legs, our armpits and our vaginas but it HAS to be done. It's awful when we cut ourselves and blood trickles down our legs, it's even worse when we shave (thinking we're getting some action) and that 'action' gets cancelled. We shaved for no reason.

7. Hormones 
- It's true what they say boys, we really do cry for no reason and we really can eat a whole Cadbury Dairy Milk to ourselves in one sitting 

8. Laziness 
- When it comes to our hair, we can go at least a week without washing it, possibly even two. Moisturising after coming out of the shower seems to be the biggest chore and I'm just going to be honest, I can go months without cleaning my blusher brush even though it's bright pink, the brissles are wonky and it's literally screaming 'scrub me'.

- Kicking and screaming on our bedroom floors because we have absolutely zero clothes to wear, even though our last pay cheque was spent on ASOS and River Island. 

- So intense, so relieving. There is no greater feeling in the world than to take our bras off and let it all hang out after a long day. Bliss. 

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