90's Memories

Hello hello, I thought I would write a throwback post about all the things I loved when I was younger. This post is probably going to be all over the place but I'm just going to write down what I remember and run with it. If you're a nineties baby, I'm hoping you catch the same 'feels' and nostalgia.

1. Let's kick start with my favourite pop group in the whole world. STEPS! Would you believe me if I told you I've been to see them 6 times in concert? Well, believe it girlfriend because it's true. I even went to their 'Come Back Tour' in 2012, which can I just say, was amazing! I know every word to every song, every dance routine to every music video. We had every single tape they ever made and every poster. My favourite one out of the group was Claire, who was yours? 

2. School Discos.
Those were the highlight of my whole year in Primary School, I got to wear my favourite denim skirt, my glittery sandles and my fluffy hand bag.

I will never, ever forget how excited I would be. My mum would send me there with two pounds to spend on a hot dog, a panda pop and a packet of tesco value crisps! Winning. 

 I remember when The Macarena song would come on at the disco and everyone would get in a line and straight up perform for the teachers. Lets not even get started on 'DJ Caspars Cha-Cha Slide', the whole year group would absolutely lose their shit. 

Who remembers SHAG BANDS? Literally laugh out loud. Who even came up with that awful idea? We were literally 10 YEARS OLD!

3. Bratz Dolls and Polly Pocket. My ultimate baes. I remember when Bratz dolls first came out and all the girls in year 5 would compete with each other on who could collect the most first. Yasmine was my favourite. 

• Spice Girls.
• B*Witched.
• S Club 7.
• S Club Juniors.
• Blue. 
• Backstreet Boys.
• Britney Spears
• Scooch.
• Hear Say.
• Atomic Kitten. 

Those were my absolute favourite artists when I was a little girl. 

Can you remember when you nailed the lyrics to 'Mambo Number 5' for the first time and felt like a boss? 'Cause same. 


Who even went abroad when they were a child? It was all about Butlins and Haven babes. Some of my favourite memories as a child were spent at Butlins with my family. Going down the epic slides in the swimming pool, meeting Noddy and even recording our own music videos to The Cheeky Girls and S Club lol. I think growing up, I always wanted to be a Red Coat. 

6. Making dance routines up with your two girl friends and performing songs/shows in front of your parents. 

7. Hosting a sleepover with your friends from school and it being a complete fail, as you were always the first one to fall asleep. 

8. I have always wandered why whenever it was someone's birthday, they would have to be the ones to stand at the classroom door at the end of the day and hand out the sweets. Shouldn't they be the one getting all the sweeties? They're the birthday girls/boys after all.


Growing up, these were my favourite shows to watch after school.

Banana's in Pyjamas
• Tweenies
• Teletubbies
• Postman Pat
• Brum 
• Tracy Beaker
• The Queens Nose 
• Art Attack
• Rolie, Polie, Olie
• PB & J Otter 
• Bite Size
• Out of The Box
• Bear And The Big Blue House 
• Kim Possible 
• Arthur
• Hey Arnold 
• As Told By Ginger
• The Wild Thornberries
• All Grown Up 
• The Amanda Show 
• Keenan and Kel 
• Sister Sister 
• Tom and Jerry 
• Scooby Doo 
• Two of a Kind
• The Sleepover Club
• Tiena 
• Zoey 101
• Drake and Josh
• The Worst Witch
• Are You Afraid Of The Dark 
• That's So Raven 
• Lizzie McGuire 
• Sabrina The Teenage Witch 
• The Proud Family 
• Mr Bean


Some of these films weren't made in the 90s but they are definitely what I loved to watch when I was younger. 

• It Takes Two 
• Parent Trap 
• Little Rascals 
• Matilda
• Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
• Andre
• Hocus Pocus
• The Witches
• Passport to Paris
• The Lion King 
• The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
• Pee Wee's Big Adventure 
• My Girl
• Mrs Doubtfire
• Hook
• Jumani 
• Richie Rich
• Baby's Day Out
• Honey I Blew Up The Kid
• Beethoven 1&2
• Good Burger
• Stuart Little
• Harriet The Spy
• The Addams Family
• Drop Dead Fred
• The Secret Garden
• The Burrowers
• The Little Princess
• Annie 
• Pinnocchio 
• Jack Frost
• Madeline 
• The Wizard of Oz
• Spice World
• Dennis
• The Brady Bunch Movie
• Problem Child 1, 2 & 3
• Bugsy Malone 
• Mary Poppins
• Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
• Grease
• Edward Scissor Hands
• Now and Then
• The Toothfairy
• The Cheetah Girls
• Our Lips are Sealed
• Bean


Game Boys, Tamagotchi's and Nintendo DS's were my life. Not forgetting Mario Nintendo 64 (epic). My favourite games were Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto and Mario. I spent hours and hours on the damn things. 

This post was so fun to write and definitely brought back lots of unforgettable memories. What's your favourite thing about being a 90s kid?

Love, Always..

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