Monday, 26 September 2016

Autumn Essentials

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Hello poppets. 
So, the happiest time of the year for me is fast approaching and it is now officially Autumn for us this side of the world. Which means the count down to Christmas is ON, with all the festivities in between. 

I bloody love Autumn. I LOVE Halloween, I love dressing up, pumpkins, candles etc. I also LOVE bonfire night, the fireworks, the smell of hot dogs and sparklers. Life for me just gets a little bit more exciting and even though it's soon going to be dropping below temperatures outside, I personally get a real warm feeling inside this time of year. 

Here are what I think are a 'must' this time of year..

1. Hot Drinks
Now, I'm sure everyone drinks a hot drink all year round just like me (teas, coffee's etc). However, I think once September/October comes around, we can a be a bit more playful with what we have. HOT CHOCOLATE is my favourite, I will never stop loving it or ever get enough of it, so much so, it's pretty much all I order at Starbucks. If you haven't already, try the White Chocolate Mocha with a splash of vanilla. You won't regret it.

2. Dark Lips
(Yay for the mention of make up)
I don't know why but I always choose to wear darker lipsticks in the winter and then nude lipsticks in the summer, although I will still be using nudes in the up and coming months, let's be honest. Here are links to two of my favourites: 

3. Chunky Scarfs 
My oh my, I do love a good oversized chunky knit scarf in the colder months. I buy a new one (or five) every single year and I honestly just can't get enough. I find that ASOS, H&M and Primark do the best. 


4. Morning Walks 
I love the thought of getting friends or family together, putting on a coat, grabbing a flask of something warm and heading out for a long morning walk. Where the air is still crisp from sunrise and the golden leaves crunch under your feet. Nothing screams Autumn more than that. 

5. Skincare
When the weather gets colder, my skin definately starts to change. It becomes drier which means I have to start using moisturiser more often, especially on my face and hands. I always stock up on Vaseline and lip balm as well because there is nothing worse than dry, sore, cracked lips. 

6. Chelsea Boots
PRAISE THE LORD. It's time. it's time to wear my
beauties again. I don't know why but I never wear them in Spring or Summer, just only the winter months. They are probably one of my favourite pieces to add to any outfit. I own about 4 pairs but still it's never enough lol. 

What are your Autumn Essentials? What do you like to do now that the weathers cooler?

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Love, Always.
Charleigh xo

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