Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Week #1

I've added a little series to my blog, kind of like an online diary where I round up the end of the week. I thought this would be interesting to look back on and a great way to reflect. Also, you have a chance to get to know me that little bit more, I guess. 

So, this week wasn't the best for me. I have a lot of personal family issues going on at the moment and I've been so stressed. I don't know if I've talked about this on my blog before but I suffer with the worst migraines ever, the doctors still don't know the causes and it's reaaaally getting to me. I can't seem to go two days without having an attack and it's awful! I feel like I'm in and out of the doctors all of the time and I don't seem to be getting anywhere! 

Anyways, I bought these clear fashion glasses off eBay a few weeks ago and they arrived this week. Can't even explain to you how much I love them and how cheap they were. The link to the glasses are (here) and I think this is where all of the Instagram boutiques get them from for cheap & then sell for £15! Crafty lol. I've also been looking into getting lots of plant lots for my bedroom, I just love the way that they look and I think i'm going to take a trip to Ikea soon to get some.

I've been doing a weekly playlist on my Snapchat lately and you all seem to love it. I get so many print screens on the songs and it's nice to know so many of you have the same music taste as me. I feel like we've got something in common. I watched Little Mix's live performance of "Shoutout To My Ex" on XFactor and I was speechless! So so so good. 

Saturday I spent it with my best girlfriend, Charlotte. She knows exactly how to cheer me up! We got Chinese food and lounged around. It's her birthday soon (on Halloween) and I'm super excited for that. Looking forward to giving her, her birthday presents too. We had a little chat together on Sunday night about what we wanted to do with ourselves, as in, what aren't we happy about and what we want to change. I've inspired her to make a vision board as I made one and it really helped me. 

Oh before I go, I've had Adele - When We Were Young on replay for the past week or so..
I know it's quite old now but I've only really took the time to listen to it properly now and the lyrics kill me! She is a goddess. 

Hope you all had a good week! 
Charleigh Xx 


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  1. Hey charleigh, I'm sorry you have such horrid migraines I have a friend that gets bad headaches as well. She got this piercing in her ear called the daith piercing it lessen her headaches! You should look it up hopefully it can help you too -❤️