Its that time of the year again when Black Friday comes around and I don't think I've ever needed it more in my life. Christmas is coming up and guess what? Baby girl is broke! haha. So i've skimmed through the internet and have found the most EPIC deals on some of my favourite websites. I wish I didn't have to work today and just shop, shop shop.

My Week #2

I have well and truly got into the Christmas Spirit this week. Last weekend I went to my local Firework display that I go to every single year.

Skincare For Sick Days

I have been suffering terribly with some sort of flu/cold type thing for almost two weeks now and my skin has suffered along with it. I've had a lot of breakouts, especially on my forehead and t-zone area, as well as dryness. I don't think the cold weather helps though as it's not only my face that seems to be affected, it's my body as well. These two products have saved my life and I thought I would share them with you all. 
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