Day 10 | 4 Festive Things To Do In London

London at Christmas is amazing, there are so many fun things to do with your family and friends this time of the year that will really get you into the Christmas spirit. 
Here I've listed 5 things you can do this month that are fun, festive and really not expensive at all.

1. Winter Wonderland
My most favourite thing about Christmas in London is Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. It is basically an outdoor grotto/theme park with lights, rides, music, food and the big man in red himself... SANTA! It is completely FREE to get in however the activities (Ice Skating, Ice Kingdom & The Big Wheel) come at a cost. If you just want to go somewhere to soak up the atmosphere, this in my opinion, is the best place to go. 

2. The Theatre 
I personally go to the theatre all the time, I'm such a sucker for musicals and pantomimes. However, going in December makes it just that little bit more special and magical. You don't even need to go and see a Christmas Play, Wicked and The Lion King run all year round and I would highly recommend them both. 

3. Ice Skating
The Somerset House Ice Rink is the perfect spot to go Ice Skating. It has everything from a DJ and Club Nights (skate and dance at the same time), to Christmas Markets and Festive refreshments. I personally, cannot skate for sh*t BUT if you can, definitely check out this place. The Ice Rink at Winter Wonderland is awesome too! 

4. Christmas Market
There are multiple Christmas markets in London this year, one being Leicester Square. Entry to the market is free but like Winter Wonderland, the grotto and the shows come at a cost and you will need to buy tickets. The market is right in the middle of the square, with stools of things to buy, lots of food and a band. 

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