Day 2 | Decorating The Tree

December 1st has come around and decorating the tree is one of my favourite things about Christmas. Its a tradition to spend the evening with your family and decorate the tree together, at least in my household it is. 
My mum likes to have a 'pretty' theme for the tree each year but me, my stepdad and my sister like to chuck everything on it all at once. However, we decorated our living room earlier this year and its now my favourite room in the house, so we stuck with a theme this time and it turned out soooo good. 

So the colour scheme we went for was silver, white and pink. I was a little bit sceptical about having pink baubles but our living room cushions are a deep pink/purple colour and do you know what? it didn't turn out half bad.

My favourite ornaments for the tree are 100% our Disney ones. We have had these for way over 15 years, some are broken, pinnochio doesn't even have a nose anymore but we will never, ever get rid of them.

How do you decorate your tree? Do you have a colour scheme or do you just chuck everything on?

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- Charleigh

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