Day 3 | The Christmas Tag

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie(s)? 
1000% The Grinch. I will never not love that film. I watch it every single year without fail, about 10 times during the Christmas period and I know every single word. I think I do a pretty good impression of him too, haha. 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 
Morning! I have never opened a present on Christmas Eve, although this year I'm thinking of doing Christmas Eve sacks so we shall see. 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory? 
I think Christmas in general is a very special and memorable time for me so I don't think I have one particular memory that stands out. However, I will never get over that feeling of waking up on Christmas morning, still dark outside with our stockings at the end of the bed, right where Santa left them. 

4. Favourite festive food? 
This is a tough one as I eat allll the food at Christmas because I love it all. Although saying that, mum makes a seriously wicked Chocolate Orange Cheesecake which always reminds me of Christmas. Let's just say... Pigs in blanket, yup! 

5. Favourite Christmas gift? 
I cry at Christmas every year without fail because I always get something so unexpected but something that I've always wanted. I think my favourite gift so far though would be the trip to Paris and Disneyland. 

6. Favourite Christmas Scent? 
Anything Yankee Candle. Especially their Christmas collection. I also really love the smell of tinsell, as strange as that may sound. 

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 
I wouldn't say traditions as such but we do make sure we're together as a family. I am not one for going out and clubbing on Christmas Eve, there's not a chance in hell. We cosy up in our pyjamas, eat chocolate and relax with a good Christmas film.

8. What tops your tree? 
This actually alternates each year, some years we have the typical silver star on top and then others, we choose to have an angel. Both of them struggle to balance on our tree and end up coming off anyways lol.

9. As a kid, what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received? 
I can't think of anything at all here, not in a gift form anyways, but I do think I wished and wished to become a popstar haha. Just incase you're wondering, no.. that still hasn't happened. 

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you? 
For me, the best part is spending time with the family. It's about appreciating one another, eating good food and wearing ugly Christmas jumpers. I also love the build up towards Christmas. You guys will know that I started going on about it from the 1st of September and I haven't stopped since. 

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- Charleigh

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