Day 6 | Present Wrapping

Very few people I know actually enjoy wrapping gifts, I for one am a huge fan and I'm usually the designated 'present wrapper' of the house, apart from the gifts that are being given to me of course. Even if you don't like wrapping presents yourself, we can all admit that we love to receive beautiful gift wrapped parcels, almost as much as we love to receive the gift its self. 

Now, I know I said I enjoy gift wrapping, I didn't say that I was good at it. To be honest with you, I'm not. I'm not very good with all the bending and creasing and I always get sellotape stuck in my teeth. However, I do try my very best at it lol. That being said, I've posted pictures of different wrapping styles and ideas that will hopefully encourage you to change up your wrapping skills and make your Christmas gifts look a little more special.

The Classic Ribbon
This automatically dresses up any present and its inexpensive. All you have to do is get any piece of ribbon (of your choice), wrap it around the present twice and add a bow. Voila. 

The Wrapping Paper
Even if you choose to not have any fancy 'shmancy' ribbon or design on your presents, having a really nice wrapping paper can make all the difference. I got the Tartan paper from Matalan (in the store) - they are doing a 3 for £4 deal and I also got these ones.. (here)

Santa Sacks
I used these last year and I'm doing the same this year. Each of my family have their own Santa Sacks where I can keep all of their presents. If you're seriously crap at wrapping or can't be bothered to buy nice wrapping paper, then putting presents into one sack is a good way to hide that but it also makes it look very festive. 
Gift bags here & Gift boxes here

Brown Paper Packaging, Tied Up With String
I did this last year too, I didn't buy wrapping paper, my mum had brown paper so I used that to wrap my presents in, I used string for the ribbon & added my own little touches onto the paper.

Candy Canes
Simply add a Candy Cane onto your string or ribbon to creative the perfect (and yummy) festive look.

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