Day 8 | Winter Morning Routine, Weekend Edition

I wake up usually around 8:30am on the weekends, depending on what time I went to sleep the night before. It's darker in the mornings during the winter months and my body knows the sun isn't up, so I never rush on waking up early. 

I mean, I don't actually get out of bed at 8:30am, I'm normally still under my covers a good 45 minutes later but there we go. 

So after checking my social media, I will go to the bathroom to use the toilet and then brush my teeth. Then I'll make my way downstairs for Breakfast.

On the weekends, I like to take my time with breakfast and cook something scummy. I really fancied 'Warm Apple and Cinnamon Porridge' on this particular day - so that's what I had, with a shit load of maple syrup - it's all about balance, guys. 

After breakfast, I'll make my way back upstairs to make my bed (that's if I'm not already in bed, eating my breakfast). Once that's made, I always end up slowing myself down by sitting on my phone again, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. 

When I've stopped being a lazy mare, I'll go ahead with my Skincare Routine and then get myself ready for the day. 

- Charleigh

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