How To Survive Your Period

Some girls breeze through their period, they bleed very lightly and practically pain free. I, on the other hand, have the complete opposite and I will be honest, my periods are hell. I've always suffered from period pain since I first started having periods, I was very, very young,
starting at the age of 10 and they have been a complete nightmare ever since. When I went on the pill at the age of 15, it really helped with my cramps, my periods became lighter and I knew exactly what day I would be on because they were so regular. Since coming off of my pill (because I had an allergic reaction), my periods have become irregular again and the pain is without a doubt, the worst it's ever been. I am doubled over in agony, sometimes physically sick, my legs go like jelly and I suffer with aggressive hormonal migraines along with it.

It's safe to say that whenever my period does decide to arrive, the 5/6 days that I'm on are torture and very draining. Sometimes I can't go to work, I know for sure I won't be able to socialise, so for those first couple of days, I'm practically bed bound. I used to think that I was the only girl that went through this because most of my friends have the easiest period ever, barely lose any blood and will only be on for 2/3 days. However, since tweeting about my PMS struggles over the last few months, I've come to realise that I'm not the only one who suffers with them and that there are a lot of you that are in the same predicament as me. Although I haven't mastered a way to completely stop the pain, I do do a number of things that help reduce or somewhat soothe the cramps and make me feel a little bit more comfortable. 

1. Hot Water Bottle 
I think everyone knows this but a hot water bottle really does help with the pain, especially if you lay on your tummy with one underneath you. Hot water bottles are good because they relax the muscles and you can place one on your back if you suffer with lower back pain too. 

2. Peppermint Tea 
I always drink Peppermint tea whenever I've got stomach ache, whether that be menstraul pain or a stomach bug. It helps to prevent inflammation of the abdomen, reduce pain and improve digestion.

3. Baths
They are like being inside a giant hot water bottle aren't they? I've been in positions where I've come on my period in the middle of the night and I've found myself sat in a hot bath at 5am because it's the only thing that will help with the aches and pain. Heat brings blood flow to the pelvic area which helps relax the muscles. 

4. Painkillers/Feminax 
Pretty self explanatory. I couldn't go through a period without taking these.

5. Comfort Foods
This changes every month with me because sometimes I crave food and want to eat everything but other times I completely lose my appetite and won't eat at all. However if you are craving unhealthy foods, that is fine. Don't restrict yourself. Plus, a good takeaway and/or a creamy hot chocolate makes everything better anyways, period or no period. 

6. Bed and Movies
Imagine rolling everything I've said above into one routine? TRY IT. When you're on your period and you feel like your world is ending, have a hot bubble bath, get into fresh pyjamas, take some pain killers, grab a hot water bottle, make a peppermint tea, order your favourite takeaway and eat it IN bed whilst watching your favourite movie. Sounds good? Do it.. because it is. 

Of course if your periods are excruciating every month and you are concerned, please see a doctor. Going on the contraceptive pill (with a 7 day break inbetween) really did help me and if I wasn't now allergic to it, I would still be taking them. Periods are always going to be shitty and if you naturally just suffer with period pains, I don't believe they will ever fully go away but these are the things that I do each month that help me survive and get through it. 

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