Saturday, 28 January 2017

I Had The Big Chop 💇🏽

I wrote a blog post last summer about how to grow your hair and what products will help to achieve length and strength here. I did everything that I said I was going to do in that post and my hair grew excessive amounts over the months. However, winter came around and those harsh winds took a toll on my hair and my split ends were out of control. 
Every time that I would wash my hair, it would all just break off in the shower and I mean clumps of it, BIG BALLS OF IT, yikes!
 It wasn't until my friend Charlotte, decided to straighten my hair last weekend (which FYI, I've realised that I hate my hair straight and I suit my fro soooo much better) that I could really notice how much damage I had and how dead my ends really were. Luckily for me, Charlotte is a fully trained and qualified hair stylist so she was able to give me the big chop and my hair is so grateful for it. It's a lot thicker, I actually have my curls back with no frizz AND no hair loss in the shower.

But now, I feel like I'm back to where I first started when I wrote that blog post about growing my hair. To be fair, when I cut my hair back then, I did it myself.. sparingly... (probably didn't cut as much off as I should of to start my journey) but hey ho. At least now I know that it's the healthiest it could possibly be and I do know what to do to help it grow.

Since its been cut, my length doesn't look like its changed from when I started out (see here) because obviously it grew.. and then having the dead ends removed, it basically took me back to where I first started. However, the thickness has improved by MILES. I'm actually not too bothered about the length, just as long as I have volume, then I'm all good. So 6 months later, I'm on the second part of my healthy, natural hair journey and hopefully, in 6 months time, it would of grown even more. I'll keep you updated on that.

Lots of Love,



  1. I absolutely love your hair so much!!! <3 SO beautiful!




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