Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year, Same Me, Better Goals

Wow, hello January 2017! 
Did you all have a good Christmas? Did Santa bring you everything you wished for?

I honestly can't believe that another year has creeped upon us. It's true what they say, a year when you're older feels like 6 months. I feel like I blinked and 12 months flew past. I can remember last Christmas and New Years like it was yesterday, It's so strange. 

I'm not complaining though, I love the New Year, It's a new start, new goals are set and for me, its a clean slate. I know some people complain about others making new year resolutions and that if you really wanted to make changes, it shouldn't take a new year for you to make them etc. However, I like them and I'm still going to make mine - whether I stick to them or not as is a different story.  

1. Say Yes More Often 
I find myself saying "No, sorry I can't" more often than "Yes, yes I can" to the majority of things. I naturally am quite a 'I prefer to be alone' type of person and I wrote about that here but my anxiety stops me from doing A LOT of things because I'm way too frightened or nervous. I want to try my absolute best to say yes more often and step out of my comfort soon. I basically have to give myself a hugeeee kick up the butt. 

2. Stop Worrying About Money 
I genuinely don't think it's normal to stress about money as much as I do. I think it comes from not growing up with a lot of money and seeing my family struggle without it. My mum would never let us go without anything but money has always been seen as a privilege and now that I'm older, I have to pay my own pills, run my car etc. I worry about it a lot and life is too short for that, so I'm going to try my very best to worry less.

3. Travel!! 
This was on my resolution post last year and I SUCKED at it this year. I went away once and that was because 1. I was stressing about money and not being able to afford it and 2. I get anxious with flying. I've realised that most of these all link together, so I really have to work on it if I want to do any of these things. I was meant to be in Mauritius in December but stuff happened which meant I couldn't go and I was gutted.
Places I want to go to this year include Barcelona, Ibiza, Italy and Amsterdam! Fingers crossed. 

4. Invest In Myself
This goes back to where I was saying that I worry about money. So much so that I don't buy myself anything at all, I work hard to earn my money so why not spend it on myself? I very rarely treat myself to clothes, makeup, days out etc, so I'm going to make sure I do that more often. 

5. Take More Photos 
I would really like to take more photos with my friends , I mean I take plenty for my blog but I actually have very little with my friends and family and I know I'm going to regret that one day. I also want to upload more outfit posts so I definitely need to get used to the camera more haha.  

What resolutions have you made this year? Do you bother to make any? Let me know. 




  1. Great goals! I would definitely love to travel more this year and taking more photos and capturing more memories is definitely on my to do list for 2017!

  2. Thanks Beckie! ❤ hope you achieve yours. X

  3. Love this! <3