Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review: Shills Peel-Off Black Mask

After seeing so many videos of this product floating around YouTube, I decided to give it ago myself. There are so many different brands and names for this face mask but I purchased the
'Shills - Acne Purifying Peel-Off' one from Amazon. It was the cheapest one I could find and I also watched a video on YouTube of a girl who used this and the amount of blackheads that came out of her nose was insane! - I had to try it.

The tube itself looked a little smaller then I imagined but I've had this for two months now and it's still going strong. Bare in mind, I only use it once a week. I read online that to get the best benefits from this product, you need to steam your face to open your pores. So there I was, with my head over a bowl full of boiled water, steaming and sweating lol. I only really purchased this product to remove my blackheads, so for the first time, I only applied it on and around my nose, a little bit on my chin and on my forehead. On the packaging it says to leave for 30 minutes or until fully dry. I've also seen people say that it is the most painful facemask they've ever used which is probably correct. However, it is not excruciating pain, I promise you that! 

25 minutes went by and I was itching to get it off. You will always know when it's ready to be removed because your skin becomes tight and you have an itch-like sensation in your nose, you'll feel it twitching, haha. I peeled off my forehead first, it was easy and didn't hurt at all, in fact, I kinda liked the feeling. Then I went on to my chin and nose. When peeling around your nose, that's when it starts to get uncomfortable because of how delicate the area underneath your eyes is. I remember my eyes watering and saying "shit, shit, shit" a few times under my breath. Once you've got the hang of it, it becomes easy to pull off though. 

I know you're all probably thinking "Okay, okay.. but did it remove your blackheads?" The answer is YES! .. and no. The first time, I didn't notice anything on the peel at all, other than it taking off some little hairs. So I thought, sod it, I'm doing it again! 

Unfortunately, I had to do it twice to notice anything but the second time, I saw about 5/6 white/blackheads come off at once and more hair. Although it wasn't as many blackheads as I was expecting, I was still pretty happy with it. Plus, my skin felt incredibly soft afterwards so YAY. 

Since then, I've used the mask about once a week or once every two weeks but only in my T-Zone area. I have got to be honest though, it doesn't really pull out any visible blackheads like it says it does. For me, it's always hit and miss as sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The second time I ever used it, it was great, since then.. not so much. Another reason why I only use it on my T-Zone is because I've tried it on my cheeks and I had an awful reaction to it. (See below) - So I've avoided that area. 

The reason why I still continue to use it on my nose though, is because it definitely does pull out dirt and impurities that you can't see on the surface. It brightens your face and whenever I peel it off, my t-zone always feels incredibly soft and clean. 

Is it worth the hype? In my opinion, not at all. BUT, it's something that we've all wanted to try, isn't it? So I'm happy I did. If you would like to give it ago, you can (here). 




  1. Thank God!! You know when everything you hear seems too good to be true? Yeah, one of them ones. It's really nice to see an honest review on an overhyped product. I'm surprised you still use it after the reaction on your cheek. Glad you like it for your T-zone xfjx

  2. I stupidly put it ALL over my face when I tried it for the first time...big mistake!! (My sister warned me but I didn't think it could be that bad. When it came to peeling it off, it hurt so bad that I had to get warm water and try scrape it off with my finger nails, I just literally couldn't bear the pain! I only noticed that it took off all the little hairs on my face and then got scared that they'd grow back in a full-on beard hahaaa so yeh...I just scraped it all off with my nails basically and was left with a red face hahaaaa! Glad it worked out better for you! :D <3



    1. Oh my god, haha! that must of been AWFUL! But I agree, it removes a lot of hair and very little blackheads/impurities! Xxx


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