Saturday, 18 February 2017

15 Thoughts Girls Have During Sex

I tweeted not too long ago, asking whether you guys enjoy reading posts that are a little bit more mature, x rated and straight to the point. The 'YES' option won by a huge mile (which I'm happy about because these are the posts that I read the most) so.. yay! 

Your mind wonders constantly, even during intimacy so it's okay ladies, we've all been there. Here's a list of the things that I KNOW I have thought during sex and I know my friends have as well. I'm hoping you guys read these and have a giggle to yourselves. Hopefully they are somewhat relatable too. 

1. This is probably the most unattractive position, ever! I wonder if he can see my double chin or my tits that have fallen under my armpits?

2. That is definitely not my clitoris, babe. Has he never done this before? It's not rocket science. F**ing hell!

3. Please don't cum, please don't cum! I'm not even close to climaxing yet, we haven't even changed positions!  

4. Why is he doing that weird thing with his eyes? Is this his cum face? Please, do not give me eye contact. 

5. Did he just cum? ... seriously?

6. False alarm. Phew. Oh this feels good, this feels REALLY good. Where did he learn that? 

7. I definitely took my pill this morning, right? 

8. Woah, woah, woah.. WRONG HOLE!  

9. Maybe if I moan loudly or awkwardly laugh, it will hide the fact that I just FANNY FARTED in his face.

10. My neighbours definitely heard that. 

11. My turn on top! Time to hop on board the rodeo train and put in the WERK. Choo choo. Is this what squats feel like? 'Cause my thighs burn. 

 12. Now that I've had my orgasm, I wish he would hurry up and have his. 

13. If we finish now, I can get at least 8 hours sleep. 

14. I'm hungry. I wish I finished my dinner earlier, I'm regretting that now. Late night snack, maybe? 

15. No but seriously, is he done yet? 



  1. Ahaha this was so funny to read!x

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