Sunday, 26 February 2017

30 Ways To Practice Self Care

Sometimes people think that self-care is just eating right and exercising... which it is. However, that's not the only thing that you can do to practice self-care, it can also be something as little as taking yourself out for a coffee or painting your toe nails. Whatever soothes your soul. 

Not everything in life has to be complicated and stressful. Self-care is meant to be as relaxing and stress free as possible, with the benefits of making you feel good along with it.

1. Read a book, of any kind that you enjoy
2. Bake
3. Go for a walk 
4. Draw/Colour 
5. Practice Yoga 
6. Pamper yourself  
7. Listen to your favourite album 
8. Go swimming 
9. De-clutter your room 
10. Throw out old clothes 
11. Go to the cinema 
12. Buy yourself fresh flowers 
13. Light candles 
14. Watch your favourite movie 
15. Splurge on the item that you've been eyeing up
16. Call a friend 
17. Eat your favourite foods 
18. Make your own face/hair mask 
19. Meditate 
20. Step outside and go star gazing
21. Plan a trip with your friends/partner/parents 
22. Dance (even if people are watching)
23. Take yourself shopping & out for lunch 
24. Write down 5 things you're grateful for 
25. Sing out loud (even if you sound terrible) 
26. Stay off your phone for an hour 
27. Create your own vision board 
28. Have a luxurious bubble bath 
29. Delete old emails/text messages 
30. Unfollow any negative people on your social media accounts



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  1. I agree with everything except baking lol I tried it once and it was a real struggle! x


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