Saturday, 4 February 2017

Blogging Tips For Beginners!

Looking back when I first started blogging, I would of loved to of read a post about how to start a blog and where to even begin. I knew all about blogspot but I never really knew how to get the views especially when I had such a small following on social media. Now I have over 16,000 followers on Instagram and 7,500+ on Twitter, so my following has definitely grown. I get asked all the time, especially in real life about blogging and how people can go about starting their own.

It's not easy and you have to work hard. I think people think that it's a case of setting up a google account, making a web page, writing a post, clicking publish and then voila! - Wrong! That's the easy part but you want viewers right? You want people to be interested in what you're talking about and show some engagement. 

1. Design your blog. 
Even if you don't have your own domain yet, having your own blog design makes you feel as if your blog is really your blog. You can buy one of these from - they will even install it for you, for FREE.

2. Be Different 
It's all well and good writing posts upon posts about your favourite MAC lipstick or 'the best highlight EVER' but when you give yourself a platform, people are much more interested in reading blogs on topics that really matter OR will benefit/help them in some way. 9 times out of 10, whatever beauty product you're blogging about, someone else has already done it. Think out of the box.

3. Photography 
Pictures to me are everything for a blog. I sometimes lose concentration when there is so.. much.. writing and no imagery. Now, I'm not saying you have to go out and buy a really expensive camera and really expensive lighting. Your iPhone will be just as good and natural lighting is key for a decent photo. Also, using props for example, copper fairy lights and faux plants which you can get from eBay, will really take your pictures to the next level. You can get pictures from Free Stock Photos if all else fails, too. 

4. Blog Now, Worry 'Bout Money Later. 
One of the first things people ask me when they're thinking about making a blog is "So.. how do you get paid?" and its just one big eye roll. You can't go into blogging thinking about the money side of it because thats not what it's about. If that's what you're doing this for, then you're doing it for all the wrong reasons and you most likely won't become as successful as you are would like.

5. Don't pressure yourself.
Realistically, if you can't keep to a schedule of uploads due to life commitments, then don't try and force one. Write posts when you want to write them, of course you need to be consistent otherwise people get bored but don't force it. Quality over quantity.  

Ultimately, have fun. Blogging can open many doors for you, just as long as you stick at it and persevere.

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  2. That was very insightful! Thank you!

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