Blogging Apps That You Need

Blog Touch Pro

Ironically, I'm using this app to write this post. Blog Touch Pro is an app for blogger that allows you write blog posts wherever you are. It has all the features that you need to write a post, all the fonts, the alignments, the ability to upload photos etc. You can publish your posts, add posts to your drafts, add labels etc. However, I always check what the post looks like on my iMac before I click publish on here because sometimes, the alignments look fine on your phone but on a computer screen, it's completely different. This is probably one of my favourite apps to use, especially because I don't have a laptop, only an iMac and sometimes, I feel the most creative at 12am at night when I'm already tucked up in bed, so being able to write down all of my thoughts in one place, on my phone, is epic. 

Buffer App.

Buffer is an app that allows you to schedule your tweets and your Instagram posts. This makes it 10x easier for when you're at work, out doing other bits and bobs but still want to promote your blog and posts. 


This is the app that I use to write captions and titles OVER my blog photos. I don't know what it is but when I'm promoting my posts on my Twitter, sharing it on blog accounts etc. I always think it looks better when I have a caption over the flat lay, am I making sense? I hope so. It's super easy to use, you upload a photo, they give you filters (if you wish to use them) and then you add your text. Lots of fonts, styles and colours to choose from AND it's free. 

Blogging Guide.

If you're new to the blogging world, this app gives you all the tips, tricks and a step by step guide in creating the perfect blog. You can also watch tutorials on the app and learn how to write, edit and publish a post.

Google Analytics.

This app is great for when you want to check the traffic on your blog. You can view real time analytics, the location of your audience and help you to plan ahead and improve your overall engagement.

Blog Lovin.

You can follow blogs this way, keep up to date with posts, like, comment and share. I am always on bloglovin as I get notifications when the people I follow, have uploaded new content. You can follow me here


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