Dealing With Toxic People

Your friend has always acted differently around you, always leaves you out of things, accidentially forgets to invite you to places, tries to embarrass you and lies to you a lot. Your boyfriend calls you names, makes comments about your weight, points out other girls in the street, that you feel are prettier than you and never compliments you. Your colleague ignores your suggestions, makes you feel stupid, sniggers and laughs as you walk past. 

Do any of these sound familiar? 

I have a zero tolerance policy for bullshitters, liars and manipulators. Those people who gossip and enjoy playing the victim 90% of the time are completely toxic and need to be avoided. I've come across my fair share of Narcissists and sociopaths in my lifetime and nothing good ever comes from them, just a shit load of tears and a dead end friendship/relationship. Sometimes we don't notice these 'qualities' until we feel like it's too late, but it's not. It's never too late to break free from toxicity and shitty people that no longer serve you purpose.

Debbie Downers, Judgemental Jimmys and Manipulating Megan's. None of these people are happy unless they see you unhappy and unfortunately, sometimes it's hard to figure out who they really are and if they're genuine or not. However, if you give them the rope, they will most probably end up hanging themselves and eventually, true colours will show. 
Always trust your gut, when you feel like someone has bad intentions with you, you are probably right and at that very moment, you need to take action and leave. Toxic people always see themselves as the victims, no matter how horribly they have treated someone else. Their lies, abuse and dishonesty won't matter. To them, you will always be the problem. 

Carry on being a good person, keep moving forward the best you can. The same way karma works for bad people, it also works for the good, so.. hold tight. Don't pay no mind to bad minded people
The only way to win against a narcissist, is to not play. 


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  1. I 100% agree, toxic people are always going to be there. It's like being finding truly genuine people is foreign at times. I'm with you just keep doing you at keep your head up. I had to learn that a few years ago after realising a friend who i considered family didn't hold me in the same regard.
    Great post!



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