A vision board is a board that you use for pictures, inspiration and a sort of guide that you want your life to follow. I first heard about vision boards from the documentary "The Secret" which I have spoken about on here a hundred times. The law of attraction is working every second of every moment in our lives and visualisation is one of the strongest methods that put this into practice, as it feeds your subconscious mind. 

What You Will Need:

- A pin board
- Pins/Glue
- Scissors
- A photo of yourself
- A print out of everything you want in life & how you want to feel. (You can use your own, from the internet or magazines.)

The best thing about creating a vision board, is that its completely your own. You can put whatever you want on it, overall.. its your life. You are what you create.  Choose images that motivate and inspire you, it can be pictures of places you want to travel to or even quotes with words that uplift you. You can even pin photos of a place you've already been, just for the happy feeling you get when looking at that photo. Thoughts and feelings turn into things.. that is the whole point of a vision board. 

For example, on my board I have a lot of positive affirmations that I read back to myself, such as: "I am so happy and grateful now that I am living in abundance of great health, increasing wealth and loving relationships. Life is great." Simply because that is what I want out of life and I imagine that I've already got those things, so I read them in the present tense. I have photos of destinations in the world that I want to travel to, I have cheques, I have the word 'happy' printed multiple times and I have my career goals. 

The things that I want now in life could change in a few years time or even in a few months. That will be the perfect time for me to change and update my current vision board. But for now, I'm happy with what I've got on there so far. Also, because I used pins, I can easily swap and change the photos around.

You can have as many or as little photos on your board as you would like. You could make just one vision board or you could have 5. It is totally up to you. 

Just have fun with it. 



Hello my angels, how's it going? It was my birthday on Tuesday the 9th of May and I can't quite believe that I'm now 22 years of age? It's bonkers. I had the most incredible birthday, surrounded by my family and the ones that mean the most to me. My mum went above and beyond with my gifts (which was totally unnecessary) and made me feel very spoilt and GRATEFUL. 

On the morning of my birthday, I sat in bed with my Mummy and opened my presents. She also came into my room with two giant balloons that read 22, that was all I had asked for this year and I got them, so thanks mum haha! Then my Auntie popped over to see me and wished me a happy birthday before we had to get ready for London. 

My mum and I went to my sisters (Gracie) to see her new flat for the first time and to spend the day with her. We also went to Ping Pong for some Dim Sum and sweet mother of god, the food was INSANE, I really, really enjoyed it. Then we went shopping in Westfields before heading home for my BIRTHDAY CAKE!

When I went to sleep that night, my heart felt very full with love and happiness. I always cry on my birthday because I get so overwhelmed by all of the birthday messages and gifts etc. Is anyone else like that or just me? 

Fast forwarding to 3 days later. Me and my two friends took a trip up to Bournemouth for my birthday night out. If you didn't know, Bournemouth is my favourite place in the UK and it holds a special place in my heart as I spent a lot of my childhood there every summer. We were all so excited because we had never taken a trip anywhere with just us three before and it felt like we were in the movie, Crossroads. Plus, Danielle is a Mummy now, so she doesn't get to go out, ever. It was nice that she could let her hair down, just for 24 hours. 

It's safe to say that we had the BEST time ever. We laughed loads, shared secrets, ate, drank, partied and made memories. That is all I wanted for my birthday, to spend it with the people that I know genuinely care about me and document it all. I even had my own personalised snapchat filter that said "Charleigh's 22nd" for the night out, haha.

On the Sunday, we went out to breakfast and then spent the day down the beach and in the arcades. I have always been a water baby and I love being by the ocean, so it was only right that the socks came off, the jeans were rolled up and we had a little paddle in the water. 

Girls, I know you're reading this.. I just want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this birthday so memorable and for my gifts. I love you both soooo much and I hope we continue to make memories like this weekend, in the future.


Six Ways To Improve Body Positivity

1. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good, mentally and physically.

2. Stop comparing your body to other people's. If you're not happy with something, change it. But don't change to look like someone else. 

3. Avoid magazines or social media that promotes only one type of body. All shapes and sizes should be in a magazine, not what society deems as perfect. 

4. Eat respectfully. Eat the foods that are good for your body. Limit your intake of unhealthy, processed foods and eat fresh, organic meals whenever you can. 

5. Think positively. Instead of complaining about all the things you hate about your body, try to list the things that you love whenever you look in the mirror. Thoughts turn into things, so if you think positive about yourself, you'll start to feel happier in your own skin.  

6. Meditate. Meditation is a way of taking some time out for you to just breathe. Let go of any stress or worries that you have, this includes any negative thoughts that you have about your body. 



1. Spring Clean 
Nothing says spring time quite like a de-clutter and a spring clean. Get rid of all your old products that you no longer use and either sell or give your old clothes to charity. 

2. Daylight 
Open your curtains and windows, let as much fresh air and sunlight into your home as possible. 

3. Flowers 
Bring nature inside. Fresh flowers are one of my favourite things ever and they can really light up & lift any room, with their pop of colour.

4. Activities outside
Go for a walk, have a picnic with your friends or visit the zoo. Get as much fresh air as you can and have fun while doing it.

5. Fragrances 
Spray your home/bedroom with fresh scents and diffusers. Leave your lush bath bombs out of their packaging, in a basket and let their scent wander.

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