Pack With Me

YESSSS, I'm going on holiday, yay! Not only that, its to one of my dream destinations which is GREECE. I am so excited to be going away with my sister and her best friend, Danie. I can already tell the trip is going to be amazing, with lots of giggles and lots of alcohol consumed.

When it comes to packing, I am always organised at least a week prior to going away. I think its a mixture of being too excited and making sure that I do not forget anything. Firstly, I am an over packer and I always have been. Not to the extent where I'm having to take things out of my suitcase and put it inside someone else's because my case is too heavy.. (haha) but in terms of clothes. I would rather have too many clothes than not enough. So i'm basically just going to run through everything that I'm taking to Greece this year and hopefully, it will help you guys when it comes to packing for your holidays as well. Just for reference, I am going away for 11 nights.


10 Tops/T-Shirts (for day and night)
2 Pairs of Shorts 
2 Harem Trousers 
5 Dresses 
 3 Playsuits 
1 Jumpsuit
1 Swimsuit 
3 Bikinis (set)
4 Bikini Bottoms
2 Bra's 
3 Pairs of Socks 
3 Pyjama Shorts
1 Pair of Trainers 
4 Pairs of Sandals 
3 Pairs of sunglasses 


Body Wash
3 Hair Products 
2 Hair Brushes
1 Sun lotion
2 Tanning Oils


Canon G7x Mark 2
GoPro Hero 3

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