Sunday, 3 September 2017

How To Have The Best Sunday

For some reason, people tend to dislike Sundays, especially when it gets to around 5pm and the evening is fast approaching and you start to think of the dreaded Monday morning. I, on the other hand.. fucking love Sundays. For me, it's a day of relaxation, lots of food and a time to plan for the week ahead. I'm going to give you a few tips to make your Sundays a little brighter.

1. Music

 Listen to your favourite music. I am a complete music junkie, it puts me in the best mood so I tend to look up my favourite playlists on Spotify or create my own. I believe every woman should wake up and dance to Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman, in their pants, every Sunday. 

2. Breakfast 

Have your favourite breakfast foods. Whether that be pancakes, a full cooked breakfast, cereal.. whatever you like. Heck, you could even have Nutella and strawberries if you choose. The foods that make your heart (and stomach) happy, have them.

3. Stretch 

It's just important. Light stretches in the morning help the blood to flow around your body and it's a good way to wake you up. 

4. Shower/Bath 

Whatever you prefer, get yourself in some hot water, with plenty of bubbles and relaxing aromas. Listen to a podcast, some music or read a book. 

5. Fresh Sheets

Strip your bedding down, throw that into the washing machine and put fresh bedding on. If you're like me though, I never have spare clean bedding and have to literally wait for my old one to wash and dry before putting it back on.. haha. But when it comes to bedtime that evening, getting into fresh sheets is going to feel amazing. 

6. Face Mask 

I always have a face mask on a Sunday. Well, I pretty much put on a face mask 3 times a week but you know.. Sundays and face masks just fit better. I enjoy the 'peel off' masks because there's just something so satisfying about peeling it off and seeing your dead skin underneath.. am I right? Yes, I am. 

7. Movies 

Sundays to me = binge watch your favourite movies and eat whatever you like. Honestly, chilling in your fresh clean bed, wearing fresh jammies & snuggling down to watch a film is an endless love affair. Did you know 13 going on 30 is now on Netflix? Ultimate chick flick and yes.. I've watched it 8 times now. 

8. Dinner 

End your day with a Sunday Roast (if you're British) or a family meal that both you and your loved ones enjoy. You can either have a homecooked meal or go to your local pub for some grub. I don't know.. maybe chuck a couple of glasses of wine in there if you fancy. 



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