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Monday, 2 October 2017

Making Some Changes

Hey hey hey! 
I’m going to be completely honest with you, I kinda lost my blogging mojo. I fell out of love with creating content on here and I have been feeling really uninspired and lost. I found myself comparing my blog to others and how many followers/views I had. I don't know why I slipped into that mind set but I'm ready to make some changes and snap out of it.
A blog is a lot more different to an Instagram account, where you can just post a picture (of whatever you like) and you'll get a bunch of likes. On here, it feels like you have to write something that people are interested in otherwise you're essentially talking to no one but yourself. So I found myself stuck in a rut because I had no idea what people would want to read, whether I'm relatable enough and if my readers will actually enjoy it. Then I remembered why I started this blog in the first place and it was because I wanted a corner of the internet where I could express myself and call home, a place where I could share my love for clothes, curly hair, music and self love and share it with whoever wants to come on this journey with me. It was never for the views and I never made it to be in competition with another. The blogging world is a community, not a battlefield and I refuse to let myself fall back into the whole 'am I even good enough for this?' mind set, because I am good enough, we all are. So, from here on out, I promise to not only me but to all of you viewers as well, that the content I put out is going to be straight from the heart, just 100% Charleigh and I really hope you stick around for it. 

I have pre-written blog posts for November & December which consist of recipes, outfit posts, ‘how to’ ideas, curly hair care and of course, Christmassy bits and bobs. I’m not sure whether I’m going to take part in ‘12 days of Blogmas’ like I did last year, not because I didn’t enjoy it but more so because I don’t know what I would actually write? I’ve ran out of ideas (so, if you have any, let me know) - but you can read last years Blogmas here. I'm excited for what the next few months, leading up to the New Year will hold. Whether my views & followers grow or not, it doesn't matter.. just as long as I'm growing into the best version of myself, that's what I really care about. I think I have my spark back and I’m ready to 'do the business' and give it my all.


(These contain AF links)
Culottes // New Look - here & here
Top // ASOS - here
Jacket // Missguided - here & here 
Boots // Similar - here
Bag // ASOS - here



  1. I am happy to see that you are going to start writing again! I have been following your sister on social media for a long time now, and found your blog through her. I've been reading through your old posts, and I'm really enjoying myself! Your blog really hit me more than any blog ever has, and you have definitely gained another follower in me. Keep it up! :-) Love from Norway

  2. Thank you so much Anette! Such a lovely comment, really made my morning! Xxxx

  3. Keep going babygirl you’re amazing! So proud of you. I read every post.. I just never comment. Maybe I should. This outfit looks amazing on you šŸ˜❤️ spiceeee. Love you lots xxxx


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