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My 2017 Happy Moments!

As this year comes to an end, which I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty looking forward to because of how crap the last few months have been. I thought I would take some time to reflect on the good parts of 2017 and the memories of this year that have really made me happy and smile. 

Starting with the beginning of the year:

  • Seeing JoJo in Concert! I surprised Charlotte with tickets for one of her Christmas pressies because we had been blasting her entire album for most of the summer beforehand and well.. who doesn’t love JoJo, right? Especially THROWBACK JoJo.. Oh my god. That was definitely a night to remember. 
New Life
  • My friend Danielle gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy who I love and adore as if he were my own. Dani and I met when we were 12 and we always said we would be ‘Aunties’ to each others kids! Obviously I’m not with child yet (LOL) but here we are.. 10 years later, making it all happen and I’m really proud of her! 
  • Having the balls and tackling my anxiety to go to the Tangle Teezer Disney Press Day Launch. I am lucky enough to frequently get invited to events because of the job I do online but I had never attended any until this year. Tangle Teezer was my first one and because I had such a great time, it inspired me to go to more. 
My 22nd
  • Celebrating my 22nd birthday in Bournemouth with my two best friends. I did a whole post on my birthday which you can read here but honestly, it was one of my favourite weekends to date and I wish I could do it all over again. 
Freelance Work
  • Working on sponsored content with 10 different brands this year. That’s almost 1 brand a month which gives me hope in that one day I can go full time with this whole online influencer malarky and really go hard! 
Summer Holiday
  • Greece in June! Spending 11 days in the sun with my sister is what we both needed. It brought us closer together and I don’t know about her but I had a GREAT time haha. Greece was a destination that I had never been to but always wanted to go and I’m so happy we did. P.s the food blew my mind. 
Celebrating No Filter
  • My sister brought out a book in July, which you can purchase from Amazon here : It still feels absolutely unbelievable and crazy to say that my sister has a book, an actual book that gets sold in shops?! Haha. The launch party was a night that I will never forget and I am just so ridiculously proud of her. 
  • Snow in December?! Okay this one is recent but it made me really bloody happy and even more excited for Christmas. We haven’t had snow like we just did in what feels like FOREVER, so waking up to a thick blanket, two weeks before Christmas was a dream. If only it would happen again on Christmas Day eh?
What are your favourite moments of 2017? Are you sad for the year to end or are you ready for new challenges and adventures? 


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