Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why I Don’t Dread Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I feel like everyone is talking about it. They either love it or loathe it but this is for my angels, this is for my independent boss babes who are single and are perfectly okay with it. That’s right, I am a single gal who loves Valentines Day and why shouldn’t I?

What is so wrong about celebrating a holiday that’s dedicated to love? You don’t necessarily have to have a significant other or celebrate it romantically to reap the benefits. I for one am definately not this year but what I will be doing is sending cute, sassy, uplifting and soppy messages to my gal pals and besties because the day is about love in my eyes and I’m gonna bloody spread it. 

When I was younger, I would sit for hours in school making Valentines Day cards, just to bring them home and give them to my Mum. They would be covered in glitter, pink tissue paper and lots of love heart scribbles but I loved it, I really did. 

I get it, I get that Valentines can also be seen as a waste of money but that’s only if you go a little OTT with the gifts and buy ridiculously expensive presents, just to snap and put on the gram with the caption “Bae did good”. Don’t let that put you off or dampen your mood just because you’re single. It’s 2018 huns, behind all the glossy and perfectly placed bouquet of roses, teddies and chocolates, are real relationships, without a filter, that aren’t so perfect. 

All jokes aside, I think Valentines Day is just what you make of it. True, you can choose to be negative, put on a sad movie, listen to Sam Smith and cry into your Ben & Jerry’s about how much your life resembles Bridget Jones’s OR you can turn it into a positive. Turn Valentine’s Day into a ‘self-care day’ maybe? Treat yourself, go and buy the pair of jeans you’ve had saved in your ASOS app for weeks. Go and buy yourself your favourite drink from Starbucks, go and see your girlfriends and have a girly night in with your favourite snacks. Always change a negative into a positive and see the beauty in each day. 

Valentines does not just have to be celebrated between a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a husband or a wife. Love should be celebrated in all aspects, for your family and for yourself. At the end of the day, love is love and it’s the closest thing us humans have to magic, so enjoy it.



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