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Sunday, 25 March 2018

NYC Photo Diary & Guide

I am writing this whilst trying to stop my eyes from closing because I am SO tired. I am still jet lagged, four days on.. I wasn't cut out for this lol. Anyways, I recently got back from a 6 day trip to the big apple, that's right.. NEW YORK CITY and I had such a good time.

We stayed at The Row NYC in Times Square, it was nothing too special but it was in the perfect location and I would definitely recommend for that reason.

I did have an itinerary written up on my phone but that completely went out of the window because some of the things I wanted to do or visit in a day, were on different sides of the city, so we tweaked and changed the list. But, I'm going to tell you what we got up to while we were there and maybe you can take some inspiration from that if you are going to NYC or ever planning to. 

Day 1. When we arrived at the hotel, it was around 4:45pm which was 8:45pm in the UK and I was shattered. We did freshen up and head out into Times Square for dinner though. We ended up eating in the Hardrock Cafe because it was literally a 3 minute walk from the Hotel. I kid you not, I was actually falling asleep into my burger because the fatigue was REAL. You would think that a 4 hour timezone change wouldn't make that much of a difference but believe me it does, it completely throws you off. I got to see Times Square at night for the first time though and this had been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember.

Day 2-4 

Day 2. This was our busiest day out of the whole trip. We went out for breakfast, I had French Toast with Bacon and a side of Apple-Cinnamon-Thingy.. which I didn't ask for or eat lol. Oh, just to throw it out there, I 100% think the food in the UK is wayyyyy better than the US, just saying. Anyways, we explored Times Square and walked for miles and miles. I felt like I was snapping pictures of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING just because everything was so bright and colourful. We went shopping in Times Square, they have the biggest Forever 21 there and I lost my shit, the clothes were INSANE and we also visited the mother land that is SEPHORA. We walked a few blocks to see the Chrysler Building (because, you know, its from the movie 'Annie') "You're gonna clean this dump, 'till it shines like the TOP OF THE CHRYSLER BUILDING!" and then we saw the Empire State Building up close. We went back to the hotel, just to have a little break because New York is very go go go and in your face, so I think its important to slow yourself down. BUT, before we headed back, we decided to book the Musical WICKED in Broadway for the next day. 

 We headed out again, this time in a Taxi where we drove past Grand Central Station but unfortunately we never actually went inside on this trip however I'm sure i'll get a chance to again. We visited Central Park and had a horse ride and carriage tour. It was SO beautiful, our driver was Irish so I asked him if he was excited about the St Patricks Day parade that was taking place the next day. He showed us where Ghostbusters was filmed, the apartments that were in 'Friends' and also the bridge where they filmed the 'Pigeon Lady' scene in Home Alone 2. Then we visited 5th Avenue, we didn't shop there, it was just a place where I wanted to see in real life, so I'm glad I did. Safe to say, I was absolutely knackered when it was time to go to bed. 

Day 3. We ate brunch at Toms Diner which is in Brooklyn, they serve THE BEST pancakes, ever. Seeing as we were already in that area, we decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. It took about 45 minutes all together because, let me tell you.. its huge. SO much bigger than I ever imagined but the view is incredible and totally worth it. You can also see the Statue of Liberty from here too. Then we got an uber back to Times Square because we had the theatre at 2pm. This was the same day as the St Patricks Parade so leaving the theatre was honestly a nightmare. We actually had plans to see our friends back in Brooklyn for dinner but we had to cancel that because no taxi would take us anywhere, everything was at a complete stand still. 

Day 4. Yay, we managed to see our friends for Brunch, I can't actually remember the name of the restaurant but the food was great and the company was even better. We stayed with them for a few hours before they had to head off to a Baby Shower. We walked a few blocks back to our hotel and this was when I napped for a couple of hours. I think at this point, I was really suffering with jet lag so I just had to go to sleep. In the evening, we met up with Karol who is SUCH a babe and we went for dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp and then she took us to a dessert place where I think I ate the best Ice Cream I've ever had. 

 Day 5-6

Day 5. This was our last night full day in New York. We went to Harlem to meet Kellie for Brunch, she took us to a restaurant called Sylvia's and I GOT MY WHOLE LIFE. The food, my god, was incredible. The meal I had was so simple, I ordered Fried Chicken and Waffles but it just tasted so.. fricken.. good. Kellie was lovely as well, so interesting to talk to and very warming. 
 We visited the Rockafella Centre and the Top of The Rock. I actually have no words other than you NEED to visit this place because the view is breathtaking. We didn't do the Empire State (the inside, although I've heard that's incredible too) because I actually wanted to get a photo with the Empire State in it and the Top of The Rock was the best place to go for that. Its a typical tourist attraction but it can't be missed, I think I'll visit that every time I visit NYC. After the Rockafella, we got an Uber to Ground Zero which was something I knew I had to do before the trip was over. I'll be honest, it was very devastating, upsetting but equally moving and I would be lying if I said I didn't have a little cry.

In the evening, we headed back to Brooklyn where we met up with Naiylah, Steph, Steph's GORGEOUS Nephew and their friend Carl. They took us to a Thai Restaurant called SEA for our last night and I can't recommend that place enough. The food and interior was out of this world and if you're ever near the area, please give it a visit. After Dinner, we went for dessert and then headed back to Naiylah's house. I finally got to meet her incredible family and I've never felt more welcome and at home in my life. We laughed and laughed, danced and then laughed some more. It was the best way to end my trip to the states. 

Day 6. Sadly, this was our last day which meant we only had a few hours left in the city before we had to head to the airport and fly home. We stayed quite close to the hotel, went for lunch at Juniors and then had a last minute look in the shops before heading back to get our suitcases. I am SO happy I got to do everything that was on my bucket list and more. 

A trip of a lifetime! 

Have any of you guys been to New York? If so, what was your favourite part? 

Love, Charleigh

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