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Monday, 21 January 2019

What Does MS Feel Like?

A question that I get asked religiously over on my Instagram is "What does MS feel like?" or "What kind of pain is it?" and I guess I'd probably want to know that too if I had never had it. Sometime's its really hard to describe and put it into a few words when replying back to a DM. So I've tried my best to write down all of my thoughts and my own personal experience of MS, the pain and how it's affected me.

Multiple Sclerosis feels like a thousand pins are being prodded into your skin, all at once. It sends electric waves from the top of your neck to the bottom of your toes with burning pins and needles throughout your limbs.

Multiple Sclerosis feels like you're being weighed down by a tonne of bricks with 10 knives being stabbed in your back. It hurts to stand and it hurts to sit.

You are so fatigued that your eyes are crying but you can't sleep because the nerves in your legs are having a house party.. but the rest of your body wants to leave. Spasticity causes muscle contractions, tight little squeezes every few seconds.

The MS hug is a tight banding around your torso, causing an excruciating sharp pain that makes it hard to breathe. It feels like you're being crushed between two pillars and your ribs are starting to crumble.

Close your eyes and imagine that you've been told you need to hold your hands above your head for an hour. Can you imagine the ache? the burning of your shoulders and upper arms?


That's what MS feels like.

MS is feeling numb but also feeling everything at the same time. It's like your hands, fingers and toes are falling asleep but never quite waking up. The symptoms may be invisible but they are very much real. I can't stand or walk for too long without being in terrible pain but I can't sit for too long either, for that exact same reason.

My headache's can last for hours at a time and be as frequent as every other day. A constant thumping at the centre of my skull and on the sides of my temples. The only thing I can do is sleep or lay in a dark room and wait for it to blow over.

One day you'll be told you have 20/20 vision and the next, you've lost your eyesight. That's what happened to me anyways. MS can cause Optic Neuritis, the inflammation of the optic nerve, causing blurred vision. It's like someone has come along and turned off all the lights in your head and then the depression kicks in.

Simply living with an invisible, unpredictable disease like MS, whereby more than half of the symptoms, if not all of them, cannot be seen by the naked eye can trigger depression. And just like the other symptoms, you have to find your coping mechanism.

I'm still yet to find mine.


  1. Thankyou for your transperancy. I had no idea the pain of ms was like this. You are one fucking strong woman.
    Lots of love
    Morgan xx

  2. This post has been so helpful. My partner is currently going through the process of diagnosis and it feels like a never ending battle but your words have for sure made it much easier to understand and even more certain it is MS. Thank you for sharing x


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