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Rice water is a hair treatment that has been going on for decades, yet I've only just recently found out about it..

lol, love that for me. 

Women in China, Japan and Southeast Asia have been using this trick for centuries to grow out their hair as long as Rapunzel's. They literally had floor length hair and rumour has it, it's because of rice water.

I don't know about you guys but.. I need me some of that.

Rice water is the starchy water that is left after soaking or cooking rice. It's a protein treatment which contains vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants, B vitamins and amino acids. It says that rice water helps to encourage hair growth, strength, increase shine and makes hair smoother.

How to make:

- Wash and drain your rice using any rice you like (white, brown, organic - it doesn't matter).

- Pour your rice into a container and fill it with water.
I always eyeball how much rice I use but people say 1 cup of rice equals two cups of water.

- Add in a few drops of essential oils or put in orange peels because this will stop the water from smelling.
This is important! If you have never smelt fermented rice water, count it as a blessing because it smells repulsive. 

- Ferment the rice water for 24 hours in a sealed container, so that no air gets to it.

- Then its ready to use!

To stop the fermenting process, once the 24 hours is up, you can put your container in the fridge. Although you've put in essential oils to help prevent the smell, if you leave it for days, it will definitely start to overpower your oils. Keeping it in the fridge will allow the rice water to last longer but I recommend making a fresh batch once every week.

How to use:

There are many ways where you can incorporate rice water into your wash day routine. For example, you can use it as a..

Pre-shampoo treatment

Meaning you apply the rice water into your dry hair, massage it in and leave for an hour, before you start to wash and condition your hair as normal. You could also do this the night before and sleep in a hair wrap.

Pre-Condition Treatment

This is the way I use mine most of the time. I wash my hair with my chosen shampoo, rinse that out, apply the rice water all over and then a deep conditioner over the top. I try to leave that on for as long as I can before washing it off and getting out of the shower.

Hair Refresher

You can also use the rice water to refresh your hair. Pour the rice water into a spray bottle and spritz throughout, coating all of your hair follicles. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

If you've fermented your rice water for 24 hours and then placed it in the fridge, you can spritz your hair with it and then apply whatever styling product you use, over the top. I would only recommend doing this IF it's been kept in the fridge to stop the fermenting process, otherwise it will start to smell in your hair.

Since using rice water, I have noticed my hair is defined, I have less breakage and it is very thick! I was planning on doing the 30 day rice water challenge but that would mean using the rice water every day and honestly, I don't think that's good for your hair. Rice water holds a lot of protein and too much of that can actually do more damage than good. I recommend using this treatment once or twice a week and that's it.

So now you know the benefits and how it works, will you join me in the rice water monthly challenge, by doing a treatment weekly? Let's see where our hair is at in 4 weeks time.

Speak soon, my loves.

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  1. Hey beautiful �� I am definitely going to try this ! Thanks a lot for this article . I will let you know on Instagram how it goes xxxx



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